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You get the facts of book publishing revealed and explained logically, separating real world from hearsay and myth. Learn about self-publishing, contracts, royalties, printing costs, copyright, Internet sales, manuscript submission, tax tips, e-books and author self-promotion. You will receive this information from a 25 year veteran of the book publishing business. There is also a Free Publishing Secrets Revealed Newsletter.

Secret: Most commercial publishers don't have a printing press.

"I like having the personal experience of the instructor and wealth of information. I like the enthusiasm, your hands on experience is invaluable."

- Margaret A. Brenson, Celebrations Publishing Co.

Secret: Savvy self-publishers are getting control of their book title domain names first. Many great phrases are still available with the dot com domain.

Questions answered:

How can I protect my Ideas and writing? * How does successful book publishing really work? * I can't type, what can I do? * Why Self-publishers don't get royalties? * Why only a 10 (5 or 3) % royalty? * What is the difference between commercial and subsidy publishing * When should I copyright? * I want to write, where should I start? * How do I get the bookstore to stock my book? * Should I self-publish? * Do I need an agent? * Do you do editing? * Are e-books genuine? * Doesn't everyone pay to get published the first time? * Is it best to just call up publishers and ask? * Should I put FREE excerpts of my manuscript on the internet? * What computer program should I write with? * What about illustrations and photos? * Why do I have to promote my book? * Should I put my book in a Print On Demand (POD) system? * Why I am selling more books than my publisher? * Could you explain fair use? * Where can I research titles and subjects? * How much should an average book cost to publish? * How long will it take for my book to reach the market?

Tip: If you have your writing on paper or computer disk, it is already protected by the US Copyright Law. But, there is more you need to know.

"Outstanding. Good sound business information with lots of information that would have taken years and many mistakes to learn. You have saved me a bunch of cash."

-Jim Neitner, Inlet Imports

Book Publishing Secrets Revealed:

* Why you don't have to be a good writer

* The International Book Standard Number (ISBN) code

* Book markup and retail pricing methods (MSRP)

* Non-negotiable terms in a commercial book contract

* Restrictions to starting a publishing company

* Book titles, the Internet and brand names * Book clubs

* Copyright and trademark issues * Editorial taboos

* Scams that target authors * Cookbooks and poetry

* Understanding best seller lists * Tax deductions

* When a royalty is not a royalty * Book return issues

* The best type of web page for individual book sales at a very low cost and with full e-commerce abilities.

Secret: Major publishers are contracting for novels that were first self-published. There is much more to this story.

Get Info on Writing Your First Novel Writing Your First Novel: The Secret Formula is Here
Are you a voracious reader? Have you ever read a book that left you wanting more? What about reading a book and telling yourself you could have written one better?

If you answered yes to any or all of those questions, it's a pretty good bet that you have a novel inside you. It's equally likely that it's just roaring to get out if you just knew how to corral all of that creativity.

If you've ever wondered if you could actually become a published author but didn't know whom to ask? Well ask this published author and ten year veteran college creative writing instructor. The answers will astound you. Find out today how you can unleash your inner creative power with this new Book.
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By Elizabeth St. Denny, MFA.

"Good examples with the voice of experience. New sources of information given out. There is a low cost way to print my book."

-Kathy Hunter, Lazy Mountain Press

The seminar instructor Welmon "Rusty" Walker, Jr. founded

That New Publishing Company in 1977. The company has commercially published twenty books by eighteen different authors with worldwide marketing and distribution. As the firm's publisher and executive editor he has managed subject titles including business, humor, a computer program training manual, Alaska, history, stage plays and how-to. Rusty has worked with many new authors and publishers, a national book club, plus an Obie award winning playwright and his agent. While the company can not publish every book, it provides Free Seminars - Ask Rusty Walker About Book Publishing and a Free Newsletter to help authors with how to get published because there is so much misinformation and hearsay associated with book publishing. It is easy for people to take advantage of aspiring and new authors.

Walker is also an award-winning photographer with photos in many book projects, ad layouts, tv commercials and the cover of a national journal. An exciting and effective trainer, he has conducted seminars on business and publishing for more than 15 years. His years of work as an Adjunct University instructor and management/cost accountant shines as he shows you how to reduce book project costs while increasing quality and sales.

Rusty has undergraduate degrees with concentrations in communications and business from The University of Alaska Fairbanks and The University of The State of NY. His MBA is from the University of Phoenix. Walker is author of, Alaska Corporation Manual - 1977, with a new edition in 1979, The Publish Now Seminar Manual - 1988, Save $1,500 Printing Your Book - 1997 & 2003, and the soon to be released print and e-book, Publishing Secrets Revealed. Contact Rusty at 808-780-4269 or

* * * * *

"You helped me significantly. Rusty, your presentation and ability to transfer your knowledge to the class was very good"

-Frank Severy, Frank Severy Publishing

"Rusty is obviously in this business and gave us the benefit of his experience."

-Marie Fish, Ramalo Publications

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